Tiles on roads:
choosing the best


If a cozy house is built in your country house

Lawns and flower beds are laid, but the garden paths are not decorated, then the site will look unfinished. The fact is, the tracks are a continuation of your chosen style in the design of the entire site.

Everything is interconnected here

Buildings, greenery and even garden furniture. Country road tiles are made of high quality clay and (or) sand-cement. It is generally thinner than concrete slabs. It differs in a wider color palette, which allows you to design the tracks in mosaics, playing with a variety of shades. The most suitable tiles for this purpose on the roads of the country. It comes in different shapes and textures. The many shades of this material will help you choose the option you need. With proper installation, you won't be afraid of puddles - the tiles are strong and durable.


It is easy and simple to clean

In addition, you will need a suitable paving material. For this, water-repellent pavers are best suited for you. It is treated with a special composition and is completely non-hygroscopic.

It is made of various materials: rubber, clinker, concrete or natural stone. The water from this road will drain into the drainage channels.

Tiles on country roads must be installed

By an experienced specialist. He will do all the necessary work efficiently and quickly. This is especially important if you have purchased tiles with complex patterns or if the path is too winding. It is no secret that today the tiles of the country's roads can be done by themselves. It is not difficult to do so. You will need cement, gravel, sand, and water. Also, you need different forms of wood or metal, into which the mixture will be poured. Still, it will be better if you turn to professionals.

The brick roads in the country look very presentable. In bad weather, you can walk through them without fear of damaging your shoes. Such a path will serve you for a long time and will delight you and your loved ones with beauty and originality. Now there are many options for choosing tiles. Based on the desired width of the path, choose the type of paving slabs. Now several schemes of their laying are used: a column, paving stones, bricks, a herringbone.


You can use one of them

Or combine some similar options. The durability of the track depends on the compliance of the laying technology. Designers recommend choosing material in accordance with the general style. In the country, each element requires a thoughtful approach. For example, smooth tiles should not be laid in places with high humidity to avoid slippery surfaces on site. -


Today, the buyer cannot complain

About the limited assortment of these products. The selection of mosaics is really huge. It is able to satisfy the taste of the most demanding buyer. The combination of materials will organically fit into any design of the site, it will turn into a magnificent mosaic image that will decorate your summer cottage. Paving slab garden paths are a great option






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